Behind the Scenes: How does the Recess Rock Star Program Work?


Parent and grandparent volunteers are the engine that make this program run.  Volunteers start the positive reinforcement process by initially recognizing students. Recess Rock star coordinators, teachers and principals take it from there!


  1. Parent or grandparent volunteers sign in at the main office, pick up a notebook and head to the playground.  Volunteers have fun walking around, interacting with students and recognizing students of character by giving them a sticker and writing down their names and the great behaviors that were observed. redarrow-02



  1. At the end of each week, the Recess Rock Star coordinators greenarrow-02email the parents and teacher of each individual Recess Rock Star to let them know what great behavior was observed. Kids receive additional positive reinforcement from parents and teachers for their positive choices!


  1. Recess rock star coordinators continuously tally recess rock stars by class. At the end of each month, the classes with the most Recess Rock Stars  (one class per grade) are presented with a grade-specific-traveling-pillar-of-character-trophy by the Schumann and Intermediate School principals. The classes with the most Recess Rock Stars keep orangearrow-02their trophies in front of their classrooms until the next month. Classes are presented with a character book (Schumann) or a gift certificate (I.S.) to further bring character education into each classroom.



  1. bluearrow-02Each month a few students with exceptional Recess Rock Star behavior are individually recognized by Mr. Lamparske and Ms. Jodl at school assemblies ­ at
    which time all students get to publicly hear wonderful examples of specific behaviors to emulate!


5. Each new month starts with continued awareness, discussion, ceremony and enthusiasm for being a Recess Rock Star!


Interested in seeing and hearing more? Take a minute to watch our video!