Volunteer FAQ

What are the requirements for volunteering at recess?

Volunteers must be parents, grandparents or the legal guardian of a student at Orono Schumann or Intermediate School and must have a valid I.D. to check in at the Schumann or Intermediate School office.

How will I know what to do?

The Recess Rock Star volunteer role is not only easy, it is clearly explained on the notebook you will pick up when you sign in at the Schumann or Intermediate school office.

Can younger siblings accompany volunteers?FAQ Photo

No, alternate arrangements must be made for siblings.

Can I coordinate to each lunch with my child?

Yes! Volunteers are welcome to join students for lunch before, during or after their time on the playground. Classroom recess and lunch times are listed in the sign up genius.

What if it is an Indoor Recess day when I am scheduled to volunteer?

Please come to school! Volunteers perform the same role in the hallways and classrooms that they would on the playground. Details are provided in the volunteer notebooks.

How many students should I recognize during my shift?

Each day the number may vary. Take names and give stickers to those who demonstrate the BEST examples of character. There is no right number and it’s okay to give many stickers or none at all depending on what you observe.

How is my role different from the paraprofessionals on the playground?

Paraprofessionals are employees whose job it is to ensure the safety of all students. This sometimes requires them to resolve a conflict or reinforce recess rules. Recess Rock Star volunteers focus on positive choices and reward good behavior.

Does my time and presence really matter?

YES! Recess Rock Stars works because of parents like you are willing to give 30-45  minutes of your time.  Our kids are going to be together from kindergarten through high school. The social dynamics celebrated now will lay the groundwork for how they treat each other throughout elementary school, intermediate school, middle school and beyond.